About Us:

The 1920s Radio Network officially began broadcasting on May 8, 2004. Prior to this date our Network consisted of big band and nostalgia programming over our low power AM facilities to a limited audience... where we got our start.

We began with the big band sound in 1995 and slowly expanded our library to include songs before 1925. Believe it or not, top 40, AOR, and classic rock was our format back in the 'AM days' of the 80s! It wasn't until 2002 when we began streaming to the internet through our then, and current, stream provider Fast Serv Technologies. Later in 2003 we obtained more bandwidth and picked up a few more listeners.

Later in 2003 we had a nice collection of older big band music, the bulk of it being from the 20s. We saw back then that there was an audience for it and wanted to do something different. A full blown Network station was pondered and finally taken seriously. We wanted to have something in the station name that described what we play. "The 1920s Radio Network" was decided upon, a bold move at the time; we didn't know for sure it would work. Planning began for the new facility, and the financial 'OK' was given by our CFO Lori. (If that didn't happen we wouldn't be here now)

Construction began in early February 2004 for our brand new studios. Several months of hard work followed, including building construction, complete wire-out, equipment set up and testing...and Tylenol! By late April most systems were up and running and several new version StationPlaylist automation systems were being 'broken in.'

On May 8th, 2004 we pulled the cord and separated our AM facilities...and the brand new '1920s Radio Network' was born.

Since then our network has added several programs, increased our listener base, widened our audience by adding over-the-air services on 90.3 FM (2005), 99.3 FM (2012) and has undergone many technical improvements such as installing a 35KW diesel generator to keep us going for days and days in the event of an emergency. The 1920s Radio Network also put in an underground fiber optic cable between our buildings for reliable data communication, and of course, better lightning protection. We have replaced major studio equipment 3 or 4 times since 2004.

To date The 1920s Radio Network is listed in countless streaming directories and has dedicated listeners worldwide. We currently have over 150,000 listener hours per month which doesn't include our on air listeners.

We want to take a minute and thank all of our long time (and new) listeners. Without all of you everything we do here would be meaningless. THANK YOU!