Stream information for Affiliate Stations:


The 1920s Radio Network has two primary broadcast streams.

Maximum total listener slots- 600


MP3 Stream, Servers 1 and 2 Technical details:


Primary Server 1 (Winamp/Mediaplayer/Real/Quicktime)

Location: Los Angeles, CA / Ashburn VA
Listener Max: 250
Bitrate: 64kbps mono
Port: 8570
Relay: Yes


Secondary Server 2 (Winamp/Mediaplayer/Real/Quicktime)

Location: Norfolk, Va
Listener Max: 350
Bitrate: 64kbps mono
Port: 80
Relay: Yes


Hi Fi AAC MP4 Stereo Stream Technical Details:

Location: Ashburn, Va
Listener Max: 25
Bitrate: 64kbps stereo
Server Name/IP:
Port: 8398
Relay: Yes




The 1920s Network over-the-air services (Norfolk Va Beach Market only)

Digital: Secondary sub stream of the WHRO FM (90.3 Mhz) transmission. (HD-3)

FM transmitter power: Comparable to a 50 KW Class B FM (broadcasting from Driver Va.)




Technical information about our Network break avails for broadcast affiliates:


The 1920s Radio Network uses 3 subaudible tones at the top of every hour and also one 'floating' break near the botom of all music hours.

The Top Of Hour break is preceeded by one short burst 25/35 HZ of 500 ms duration and the rejoin tone is 35 HZ following our local ID. Your station may choose to cutaway from our programming during this time and insert your own ID. The top of hour avail is 20 seconds.

Our floating break near the bottom of most hours is preceeded by a 25 HZ tone 500ms in duration. This avail is very short- only 5 Seconds. It is followed by the 35 HZ rejoin tone. You can use this break to put in a quick liner or jingle.

Your station will need to buy a subaudible tone decoder in order to use these features we offer. Decoder outputs are as described:The 25 HZ output is used for Jingle Start and Network cutaway. The 35 HZ output is for Network rejoin, and the 25/35 combo is for Top Of Hour ID start and Network cutaway. Please contact Brian if you need help.