!!Please Note!! As of June 17 WHRO decided to CANCEL the 1920s Radio Network from its on air services in Virginia Beach on 99.3 FM and the HD2 substream of the 90.3 signal. We are not happy how this was so poorly orchestrated and our listeners don't like it either; we have a dedicated and loyal listener base that is quite upset! To make matters more confusing for our listeners they are duplicating much of our 20s-30s format overnight and calling it the "Time Machine Radio Network." Please understand - THIS IS NOT US! We are NOT affiliated with WFOS or its programming in any way. Please contact WHRO at 757-889-9400 and ask them to kindly put your favorite 1920s Network back on 99.3 where it has been serving our dedicated listeners for so long now- over 9 years. The WFOS (88.7) radio signal has a larger reach than 99.3, and it actually covers most of the 99.3 listening area anyway with the possible exception of the VB oceanfront. So simulcasting the two is redundant. The 1920s Radio Network is still here- please contact us to find out about downloading the VLC mediaplayer app for your Iphone so you can hear us on the road at inputline@the1920snetwork.com. After getting cancelled by big tek and whro we are determined to beat the odds- because of you...our loyal listeners! Thank you!

The 1920s Radio Network began streaming on May 8, 2004 after construction of our new studio facilities, deep in the woods of Chesapeake Virginia. In 2012 we moved our technical operations to Norfolk. In May of 2021, 9 years later, we are moving our operations back to our original studios. We are here to fill a void that today's radio cannot or will not do- remembering and preserving our American radio history. Also we are here to provide broadcast stations a source of nostalgia programming.

Worldwide Audience

Over the years we have obtained a dedicated group of loyal listeners that appreciate nostalgia and keeping the past alive for entertainment and educational purposes. Our biggest audience outside of the US is The UK and Germany and we have north of 200,000 listener hours per month, not including on air services

Shoutcast Based Streaming

We have been using Shoutcast compatible encoding since day 1 and it will work with almost any MP3 type player. Our primary stream operates in mono at 64kbps. This is the equivalent of a 128kbps stereo feed. Since all of our material is mono it would be a waste to send out stereo (or dual mono) which would otherwise be plagued with noise and phasing problems if the encoder was stereo. The above link will launch your Winamp player or other /.pls device.

Old Time Radio Service

In addition to our music service we also operate a 24-7 Old Time Radio service with about 100 different shows. Scroll down to see our schedule....

Meet 3 of our staff

Here's the folks that keep things running and sounding like it does......

Lori and Brian


Lori manages what we can and can't spend and takes care of all the non technical aspects of the 1920s Radio Network. She has cystic fibrosis and requires frequent hospitalization.
Brian takes care of all technical operations, automation, routing, IT, and engineering.

Lori Evans

Our Announcer Girl

Lori has helped us out for years; she's the one you hear doing the time announcements, Old Time Radio, and many others. Lori also had cystic fibrosis and sadly she left us Christmas of 2012. She was only 32. In her memory we keep her voice alive. She would have wanted that.

Broadcast Schedules

Listed here are the complete schedules for our primary music service and secondary Old Time Radio Service.
Our Schedule

Our Schedule

Syndicated programs

Listed here are the syndicated programs we carry. Please note as of May 2021 we have made a few changes.


The Don Kennedy Show (archived editions) 7-9PM

Old Time Radio Comedy- starts at 9PM


Continuation of Sunday night OTR- midnight-2AM.
Original Big Band Showcase with Denny Farrell 1-3PM


Swingin' Down The Lane with David Miller 2-3PM

The Swing Era 10-11PM


The Swing Era 3-4AM

Original Big Band Showcase with Denny Farrell 1-3PM


Swingin' Down The Lane with David Miller 2-3PM


Late Night Chicago Radio with Denny Farrell - 2-3AM

The Swing Era - Noon-1PM

Seems Like Old Times - 1-3PM

The Don Kennedy Show (archived editions) 7-9PM

Saturday Night Old Time Radio Comedy Lineup - starts at 9PM

OTR Schedule

OTR Schedule

Saturday/Sunday nights

Saturday Night:

Fibber McGee and Molly
Avalon Time
Mel Blanc
Our Miss Brooks
Ozzie and Harriett
Red Skelton

Sunday Night:

Jack Benny
Phil Harris/Alice Faye
The Bickersons
Burns and Allen
Abbott and Costello
Dennis Day
Life of Riley
Red Skelton
Fred Allen
The Great Gildersleeve

OTR Service

OTR Service

24-7 Old Time Radio

This section is still under construction